Tuesday, March 18, 2008

it's hanley, not henry, thank you very much

so i'm sitting here in the library near a window on Western's campus and I have my population notes in front of me and my biology textbook open on the computer screen and to my right are my spanish notes and to my left is a french paper i haven't finished editing (though it's due in 40 minutes) and i can't help but think holy shit i'm have way too much going on.

but it is all good, i've decided, because by noon-30 tomorrow I will be done with this quarter and that much closer to MEXICO

I can't wait for someone to ask ¿habla español?, to which i will reply with a resounding "sí, señor, lo hablo".

I highly recommend being bilingual (or even trilingual). It makes you the most interesting drunk at the party.

<3 h