Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I will write a comprehensive post with pictures . . . soon.

I only have a few minutes right now.

Already, I'm feeling like I'm missing out on things back home. It's not depressing . . . yet . . . but still. People are hooking up, breaking up and I'm not there - it's all coming to me second hand.

C'est la vie.

Miss you all!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Volvo Factory, Gothenburg, Sweden

I'm typing from a computer inside the Volvo Factory in Gothenburg. It's huge . . . we're about to take a tour - I wouldn't be surprised if we get lost.

Gothenburg is amazing. Driving in from the airport it looks just like the road to Bellingham, a twisting road cut from bedrock. The city pops up behind an ancient, wooden, amusement park. It is a mix of old 15th century architecture and modern ikea-esque buildings. Our hotel was of the latter sort but comfortable. Our first night it rained! It reminds me very much of Seattle, the trees, the weather, even the dour-it's-august-and-50degrees-out expression on everyone's face.

We're leaving tonight on a ferry which will cross the Baltic Sea and take us into Kiel. I haven't heard much English lately, though everyone speaks it when prompted. It's a little refreshing to have your language be in the minority but also a little disconcerting. They aren't kidding around here in Sweden, none of the street signs even resemble english.

I will post pictures soon.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

gone, baby, gone

I leave in t-minus 6 hours.

I have skype. I have e-mail. I have this. I won't drift away into nothingness, I promise.

Monday, August 11, 2008

russia fighting in georgia

The following is a real conversation that actually took place ten minutes ago with . . . My Boss(ish).

Elise "Hanley, what's this about Russia invading a major city in Georgia?"

Me "Well . . . there at war. Where were you this weekend?"

Elise "Watching the olympics."

Me "They announced it during the Olympics."

Elise "WHAT? I heard NOTHING about this. Well, I slept through some of it. . . so what is Bush doing?"

Me "Staying out of it, I think."

Elise "What city did they invade?"

Me "I'm not sure."

Elise "Savannah or Atlanta?"

Me "Um." (Laughter).

Elise "Well?"

Me "Elise, Russia didn't invade our Georgia."

Elise "They didn't?"

Me "Um. No. Russia is not currently at war with the United States."

Elise "Right, just Georgia."

Me "The country Georgia."

Elise "Right."

Me "Which is not a southern US state."

Elise "It isn't?"

Me "Are you serious?"

Elise "Yeah . . ."

Me "States are not countries. . ."

Elise "Right . . . OH. So there's a country named Georgia and a state named Georgia?"

Me "Yes."

Elise "So Russia's at war with . . ."

Me "The country."

Elise "Oh."

Yes, she does have a master's in Organizational Psychology. . .

I feel a little bit like Christopher Robin speaking to Pooh about Heffalumps and Woozles.

Friday, August 8, 2008


I think being frustrated is the worst emotion for me, there is something so bottled about it . . . I can feel it like a stone in the pit of my stomach, it's horrible.

I got in the weirdest argument with my dad this morning.

We were looking at a magazing about Quebec and I said "This picture is really cool." And he said, "Oh, is that Ottawa?" And I kind of laughed and said "Dad, come one, Ottawa isn't in Quebec. Canadian's hate Quebec, their capital is NOT in Quebec." Etc, Etc.

So he says, I kid you not, "A million dollars it's in Quebec."

So in the air I draw Quebec (the province) and say Ottawa is right here across the river on the bottom (which it is) but then I screwed up I said that the province next to Quebec was Alberta when I meant Ontario. But the gist of it, that Ottawa was right next to Quebec name of the province be damned.

Well my Dad refused to be wrong. He says "Well I was a hell of a lot closer than you, you were off by a thousand miles."

"No, I said it was right next to Quebec I just switched the name of provinces."

"You might have said in that little head of yours that they were right . . ."

Basically he pretended that he was right even though the whole conversation . . . I know it's petty but I'm still so freaking upset about it. I don't even know why. I think because, since only the two of us were there, his reality was reality. There was no one to dispute, no referee.

That's what my life needs.

A plutonic referee.

Basically. I fucking know my Canadian geography, okay? Okay.

I could do without the writing, but the picture is pretty poignant.

It's true. I will. Forever.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

winning at solitaire

I just won (finally) at Spider solitaire . . . on medium.

It's weird how the simplest things can make your life.