Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Spain so far . . .

The internet thing is tough, but oh well.

I have been traveling a lot and keeping a personal journal so that I won't forget my fantastic stories. One of these days I will post my adventures here for you to read.


A lot of people are frustrated with their experience in Cádiz and I am tempted to be too, but, I'm fighting the urge and so far enjoying my time. It's really tough to speak Spanish here. The Gaditano accent is extremely intense and difficult to decipher and in general Gaditano's (who don't speak english) are quick to dismiss a foreign speaker. I also get really nervous speaking because the other people in my program have so much more confidence than me. Still, I think I'm learning.

Last night I went out to this bar Bhopal with my friend Talia. We were the only two people in the bar all night and we spoke Spanish with the bartender's for four hours. Andrea is an Italian-Stallion with a goofy laugh and Tim is a smooth-talking frenchman. They both speak nearly fluent Spanish and it was fun chatting with them. I got a little frustrated because I have a hard time with genders and my friend kept calling me on it. I just have to remind myself that practice makes perfect.

Also. American's have a horrible Spanish accent and we are called on it each and every day.