Monday, July 28, 2008

adolph of castro

Yes I do realize that my street is very anti-humanitarian and I am well aware that most mail going to this address will be stripped searched in customs but c'est la vie.


exciting news

We're just a few weeks away from this becoming the travel blog I've always wanted it to be.

On August 19th I am leaving Seattle behind for 5 and a half months during which time I will visit the following countries:

Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, France, Morroco, Gibraltar, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and maybe even Portugal.

For 4 and a half of those months I will be living in Cádiz, Spain.

But this isn't news, you say? And I counter . . .

The news is - I finally have my address!!!!!

Adolfo de Castro nº 6, bajo C
11003 Cádiz
GoogleEarth that shizz, yo.

This is what my neighborhood looks like.

I'm so excited I could spit.

Ps. Who invented that saying?

Friday, July 25, 2008

In Bruges

I saw In Bruges again last night. It's still fantastic and wonderful and politically incorrect and hilarious.

Please, please, please go see it if you haven't yet. Or borrow it from me, I totally own it.

I've been shopping for Europe which is kind of annoying because I'm super worried about money but also I really want some cute things to wear in Europe (who doesn't?)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Southworth on coming out . . .

Southworth says, “This has been a long time coming. I’m in a place where I’m at peace with my faith, friends, family and more importantly myself. I know this will end my career in Christian television, but I must now live my life openly and honestly with everyone. This is my reason for doing this.”

The Remix is seen in more than 128 million homes worldwide. The show is in syndication and averages more than 200,000 viewers weekly.

Southworth has risen to fame in the Christian world and has been featured in different national publications, such as Charisma Magazine and many other religious media outlets.

Southworth adds, “I know I will be cut off from many within the Christian community, and if so, then they didn’t get the point of the life of Christ. I believe by me living my life honestly and authentically now, I am able to be a better person and a better Christian. We all know there are so many other gay people in the Christian industry; they’re just all scared. I was scared, but now I’m no longer afraid."

(Reproduced without permission)

Anyways, I think Southworth has some freaking amazing things to say.

Go cultural christianity, you can do it.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Song of the Day

Um, yes. Ed Harcourt is NPR's choice for song of the day.

Click here for a chance to listen to his song You Only Call Me When You're Drunk.

Consider it an early form of promotion.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

false cheeriness

I tried that thing today . . . you know the one . . . where you force a smile until you actually feel like smiling. Supposedly it works, today it did not.

But. Rather than dwell on the negative (of which I could go on and on and on) I've decided to create a list of postitives. Eventually the smile will come (or so I'm told).

1. I saw ED HARCOURT in concert.

All of your days will be blessed
So put on a smile and get dressed
Into the void we will fly away from here
All of your thoughts will be crowned
You'll be the toast of the town
Into the view of a million crystal spheres

Pretty cool, right? Check. Him. Out.
I first heard him when he opened for Sondre Lerche.

2. This is the next 5 months of my life. . .

I'm going here


and here


and here


and I'm Living here


So, the list might be short but it packs a punch.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

So. My Europe extravaganza is close . . .

. . . and the head of my company just caught me blogging on company time. Oops.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Well, then, of course you're excused

I screwed up at work and no matter how much I apologize or how many times I take responsibility the "higher-ups" insist on exloring AML (a competitor) conspiracy theories and computer glitch end-of-the-world scenarios.

My immediate boss says I've done all I can . . . just let it go. But the e-mails are hovering at the top of my box, haunting me, my fingers itching to reply.

I like having responsibility but it sucks when what you do affects cities all over alaska in a slow, painful, inevitable ripple.

(BTW: evitable, is, in fact a word.
evitable adj
avoidable, avertible, avertable
capable of being avoided or warded off )

I know. Doesn't seem that secure, does it?

On a side note.

Humans can be pretty cool
The bus I catch everyday (which only comes once every 30-40 minutes) will always pass you by unless you're standing right at the curb, which, would be fine if the curb was at all a safe place to stand. I always sit in the shady grass and watch for the bus and hope I notice it in time to run out and wave it down (this strategy has never worked, but, I refuse to compete with semi's for sidewalk space.) However, the last couple of weeks other people have been at my stop - different people. And they always, after they wave the bus down, turn to me and say "Miss, the bus is here." They don't know me and they're always different - kind of a cool camaradery.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

things I recommend


Wanted Fantastic roller-coaster ride. And McAvoy is drop-dead-tongue-out-gorgeous. Also, Angelina is a badass which is always fun.

Mystic River If you liked Gone Baby Gone, you'll love this. Also, Sean Penn might be bat-shit nuts but he's got talent, and he's handsome. And, who doesn't love Kevin Bacon.


Gone Baby Gone Mystic River A Drink Before the War . . . actually just read anything by Dennis Lehane. His books make for perfect, edge of your seat, summer reading. If you (saw and) liked the movies you'll love his books.


Wanted Soundtrack Need motivation to work out? I've found it and all for under 15 dollars. Seriously. You want to feel bad ass, put on some bad ass music.

Paul Simon's Surprise An oldie but a goodie. Definitely not work out material, but good lazy-drive-after-a-day-at-the-beach music.

Jason Mraz He has new music, but not a new sound. Still love him, though, and his quirky, adorable, amazingness.

(PS I am well aware I need new adjectives, perhaps I'll invent a few.)


Seattle: Of course I'm repping my hometown this summer. Screw small-town Bellingham and big-city New York. Seattle is what Goldilocks has been looking for all along (and yes, we do have good porridge, thank you.)

Vanouver, BC, CA Just go. Spend an entire weekend there. Tour Granville, (There's a farmer's market and a brewery so. . .you know. . . get drunk and buy fruit,) visit the harbor, walk the bridge. Also, see a concert, Canadian's always have beer gardens, they're smart that way.

happy hours

These are all in Seattle.

Red Lion $5 Margarita's and free tacos with a patio high above the city. Fantastic.

McCormick and Schmick's BlackBean Nachos to die for, mini-hamburgers and tasty, tasty, tasty drinks. See: Whisky and Pomegranate martini (no I'm not kidding, and yes it was a little bit of heaven.)


Dennis Lehane He got rich writing. Bow down.

Bill Gates He retired from his billion dollar industry in order to focus on his charities. Um, amazing? I think so.

Leona Helmsley She just donated 8 BILLION dollars to dog charities (not kidding, not even a little bit) I'm awed and disgusted and whatever . . . she's fantastically malprioritized (I just invented that word and I'm proud of it).

news stories

Leona Helmsley

Norman Bates

Yes, we did just trick you.




Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Book of the Week

The Things They Carried
Tim O'Brien

No skeptics in foxholes :
A collection of related stories about Vietnam

This book took my breath away. It makes you hate war but also it is . . . it's human and it is grotesque and gorgeous in its humanity. O'Brien warns us, “If at the end of a war story you feel uplifted, or if you feel that some small bit of rectitude has been salvaged from the larger waste, then you have been made the victim of a very old and terrible lie.”
I warn: the only way this book uplifts you is in the way the sentences flow together, meeting at odd moments by chance.
This book is not true and it is. At the same exact moment.
It is not my story, but I could tell it and you would believe me.

These are not stories about courage, about brotherhood and love and flowers growing from ashes. These are stories about boys, and ash, and gun fire and they are beautiful.