Friday, May 30, 2008

how t.v. changed my life - or not.

brothers and sisters is good therapy i think.

i cry almost every episode . . . but since i almost never cry when i actually should . . . it's just good to know there's at least one sure fire way to let some of those frustrations out.

so. you know, screw anyone who thinks that t.v. is all evil.

everything has the potential to be good for you.

pups, profs and armed students

this dog thinks he's the shit and i totally agree.

quote of the day

prof: (in spanish) your grades were really bad. don't freak out.
class: sure sure.
prof: no, they were really bad. now listen. people freak out when they see this grade.
class: uh-huh
prof: what i'm trying to say is -- if you're armed you have to leave.

anyways. he wasn't kidding. i got a d-.

and then he tells us the grade doesn't count.

prof's are weird.

Prof: "so half of you weren't here today, tell your friends NOT to bring a gun. i'm serious. there's no exit on my side of the classroom and i will NOT end up on the evening news. and also, if you're thinking you want me dead, i'm not a hero. i will hide behind you. you will die first."

he's so fired. but it was fun while it lasted.

also postsecret is a site i don't promote nearly enough.

Monday, May 26, 2008


to add to the list of things hanley must never take due to sever allergy:


see also:
lactose (which is sad, because cheese is like my favorite thing ever.)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

running, running away

It's really hard to anticipate this summer when so many negative things are associated with it.

When I leave Bellingham I'll be saying goodbye to Eric for 6 months.
I'll be saying goodbye to Ali for nearly two years.
I'll be leaving my apartment in the hands of a stranger.

That's three really huge things that make me hugely sad.

This makes me happy though

Face Paint - More free videos are here

Friday, May 9, 2008

Drunk off margarita's and singing along to dashboard confessional, yo.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Dear pro-lifers proselytizing in red square,

My away message on Facebook says this: Hanley is thinking "it's my choice to love god, to believe in him, it should therefore be my choice to be pro-choice. in other words: take your bloody signs down."

The point is: you chose to be pro-life, did you not? You're 20something and whatever and you have a mind and you woke up one morning and you thought 'hey, i don't want to have an abortion' and that's great the thing is. The thing is you had a choice and the thing you don't seem to understand is where I stand it's called pro-choice. As in please, go right ahead and be pro-life. My position allows for your position. Whereas your position--


I don't think abortion is a form of birth control. I don't. I'm not saying, hey, fuck condoms, the doc'll just flush your mistake. No. I'm not saying that at all.

But also.

Ok. So here's the thing. Your argument holds not water. You believe that the fetus is a life from the moment of conception -- which, hey, bully for you. But I (for argument's sake) don't believe this -- and it's my body. So my body has something in it which is essentially a cancer (to be base, and gross i guess?) as in cancer is an abnormal growth of cells. So my body has this thing, right? And i don't believe it's a life, so who are you to say I can't have an abortion?

And that's a really good fucking question.

Because here's the thing. The medical community -- they can't decide when the fetus becomes a life. There is no consensus. The rule out there right now is it's my property until three months . . . so . . . that's first. So what it comes down to is beliefs. And your beliefs and my beliefs and jane doe's beliefs they're all a little different.

Actually what it comes down to is I live in a democratic society at the root of which is freedom to choose.

Basically, I'm asking you to take the signs down. To stop picketing the medical offices. To stop acting like you are God and just start believing in Him and in His power to change the hearts of those you disagree with. I'm all for social justice, I'm all for you telling me how you feel, (hey I'm pro-choice) not anti-life) what I'm not all for is you blocking the main entrance to my campus with a billboard of NC17 pictures, I'm not okay with you terrorizing the women outside planned parenthood, and i'm not fucking okay with you preaching your pre-Vatican II nonsense like it's what the church is preaching today.

You aren't the be-all end-all source on Catholicism, no one is, so stop acting like it.

(and heck yes proselytizing is a word)

¿ocho de mayo?

Margarita's and 5-layer bean dip + The Office = amazing.

P.S. my coffee is extremely tasty and I think I'm going to skip class (first time this quarter) just for the hell of it.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

oh survey, how you waste my time

I'm tired​ of:
working at 5 a.m.

I am liste​ning to:
the new pornographers

Maybe​ I shoul​d :
finish my tesol reading. write something. think about dinner.

I wish:​
diet coke wasn't so tasty.

Choco​late is:
really really good in really really small amounts

I have lost my respe​ct for:
ooh. juicy. people who expose themselves.

The meani​ng of my displ​ay name is:
oh! oh! i know this one. it means once upon a time hanley couldn't think of anything more original than using the lyrics to a simon and garfunkle song.

Right​ now I'm cravi​ng:​
hm. honestly. i want lost as a series to be over so i can veg for several days and watch it all in one go. i don't do suspense. or, i do. but in small doses -- i mean, come on.

i will have a receptionist and i will buy her coffee everyday.

I will alway​s remem​ber:​
the time i almost caught captain jack sparrow. seriously, i probably will. also. the first time kat read our screenplay.

Love is:

i have a tutor session with my chinese girls.

I get annoy​ed:​
super super easil​y and i absolutely don't hide it.

Is your hair wet?

Is your cell phone​ right​ by you?
i never answer it but i always know where it is.

Do you miss someo​ne?​
c'est la vie.

Are you weari​ng chap stick​?​
do you wear chap stick? i'm aware that you apply it . . . anyways, no, i have not applied it recently.

Are you tired​?​
sort of. but it's getting close to bedtime.

Are you weari​ng pajam​as?​

Are you mad?
not even a little bit. but i am annoyed.

Are you upset​?​

Last phone​ call?​
my daddy.

Last time you cried​?​
i got really frustrated with eric and cried it out and then i called him and i realized it was all a misunderstanding. but that was a couple of weeks ago.

Last hug?

Ever dated​ someo​ne twice​?​

Been cheat​ed on?:

Been over-​seas?​

Lost someo​ne close​?​
my cousin when i was younger. my grandfather just recently. actually. i don't like this question. :(​

Three​ favor​ite color​s:​

Have you made a new frien​d this month​?​

Falle​n out of love this month​?​
i fell out of love with csi: las vegas.

Laugh​ed until​ you almos​t cried​ this month​?​

Met someo​ne who chang​ed your life this month​?​
hm. my life hasn't changed in the last month, but, that doesn't mean the people i met this month won't lead to life changing -- this question just got really philosophical/metaphysical and strange...

Found​ out who your true frien​ds and best frien​ds were?​
i hate this question. oh. there i go throwing the hate word around. basically, one of my pet peeves is when people say "i found out who my true friends were because so and so. . ." we're not in third grade anymore. i'm thinking these thoughts at particular someone because i swear if that particular person says "so and so is my best friend because she'd never lie to. and so and so is a true friend . . . " all the while implying i've done something to you . . . i will punch the wall. and then i will block your phone calls.

hm. it feels good to rant. refreshing.

Is there​ somet​hing you want to tell someo​ne?​

yes. i kind of said it above. but here goes:

I will call you Doe.

Doe, you are a self-pitying, self-destructive mess. I miss who you were and I wish you would come back. I also would like to mention that friendship is a two-way street, meaning, ask me a question about me the next time we talk and if you're cell phone rings before I'm done answering -- silence it, give me the same respect you give the audience at a movie theatre.

I just screamed into a pillow and it felt good.