Friday, September 5, 2008

no internet


I don't have internet and it's killing me to be so out of touch but when I start at the Uni in a week I'll have internet for a few hours everyday and I will be more on top of my intouch - ness.

Everything is great here, i'm having a little trouble making friends but that's to be expected (I don't dance or get blitzed every night).

Katie is a good resource, i love having her here, but i definitely need to get over my quiet-ness. I went out one night and inevitably led a guy on (i'm not sure how) i think the booze made him see things that weren't happening.

Also, I was an "American Bitch" to some irish-men. They were way to touchy feely and kept saying "luck of the irish" and trying to get in everybody's pants, up everybody's skirt. I was not impressed.

Anyways. Ciao Bellos, I miss you.