Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Parents Televesion Council is . . .


"Each evening, the PTC records every prime-time program on ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, ITV, UPN, and the WB, as well as original programming on expanded basic cable. The following day, the PTC's team of entertainment analysts watch and transcribe every offensive word, sexual innuendo, and describe sexual activity and violence in detail. The information from the analysts is then fed into ETS." (From their official website)

Do you not have anything better to do?? Honestly! I know these parents are worried about the effect tv has on their kids, but really? Change the channel, preach good values . . . if you're raising your kids with a strong moral fibre they'll be able to face the world without breaking. Seeing and dealing with things that make us uncomfortable or contradict what we've been raised to believe is part of life. Growing up in a bubble doesn't prepare you, in any way, for life after casa.

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